On a regular basis STEP International organizes Conversation Events – also called English Café – with the primary focus to encourage students to speak English. During these three-day events students are asked to discuss various topics in small groups and to give presentations. As they are very interactive and fun; they attract many participants.

STEP International has also hosted a book club for ladies in one of the language centers. Through reading a book and discussing its content the English language is studied in an interactive manner. The organization wants to continue hosting similar events.


Most of the students attending the STEP language programs are university students or young professionals. Each student has had a different level of exposure to the English Language. Therefore, STEP International offers English classes at various levels; from beginners up to advanced. At the start of each semester the students are tested and placed into the appropriate class.

In recent years STEP International has partnered with the British Council in preparing students for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET). The preparation course for this exam takes around six months. Upon passing the exam and receiving the PET certificate students will be able to make significant advances in their academic and professional lives.

When I began in beginners class I didn’t know anything in English.
— Ahmad


STEP International’s teachers use the following four disciplines for teaching English:

  1. Listening to other people is key, because it helps the student to understand how to pronounce the words correctly. Globally, English has a wide variety of accents and the style of delivery varies. STEP International connects people from around the world giving each student valuable experience in listening comprehension. Click here to see the Gallery

  2. Reading builds up the student’s knowledge base of the English language. The Oxford New Headway textbooks used by STEP International aim to stir up the curiosity of its readers. Click here to see the Gallery

  3. Writing is an essential tool for communicating by email or social media. Frequently mistakes occur when a student writes, but through continuous training the student will become increasingly aware when he or she has made a spelling mistake or grammatical error. Click here to see the Gallery

  4. Speaking is vitally important for the academic, professional and social life of the student. In order to show that the student has a good grasp of the English language he or she needs to speak English confidently and fluently. Click here to see the Gallery

All the English Language Programs organized by STEP International are designed to address these four disciplines.


STEP International has around ten highly motivated and skilled staff members who are teaching English at the various language centers in the West Bank. Most of the staff members are native English speakers and have previous experience in teaching English as a second language. The social interaction between teachers and students inside and outside of class is a key to improving the students’ skills.

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